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Holiday Lust: SHA Wellness Clinic

sha wellness clinic | beautifully green life |

A couple of months ago I was reading Organic Spa Magazine and I came across the most perfect of perfect retreats. The SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain is in fact that place. Could you imagine taking a wellness sojourn to Spain?! Well, let me just say that I can and I want to go here! Rated one of the best international spas in 2015, the SHA Wellness Clinic is so much more than a spa. With a focus on sustainability, this luxury spa hones in on health and supports everything from stress relief to weight loss to overcoming tobacco addiction.

The location itself is absolutely gorgeous (see above) and is, in and of itself, its own vacation destination. If adventure and activities are your thing there’s no reason to be relegated just to the Clinic, in fact, there are an array of options that SHA can organize for you. Beaches, leisure and sports activities, shopping, culture the town is flush with possibilities.

holiday lust: sha wellness clinic | beautifully green life | beautifullygreenlife.comThe Resort’s grounds are beautifully designed by Carlos Gilardi and Elvira Blanco Montenegro (what a great name, I feel like maybe she’s a Bond girl on the side). The rooms, grounds and gardens are designed in a modern meets Mediterranean style with a bevy of gardens, pools and treatment rooms to compliment each item on the menu.

holiday lust: sha wellness clinic | beautifully green life | beautifullygreenlife.comAnd speaking of menus, the SHA Resorts Shamadi Restaurant focuses on locally sourced, organic food that follows the principles of a Macrobiotic diet. The foundation of a Macrobiotic diet includes eating whole grains, vegetables, legumes, sea vegetables, fish and fruit while avoiding processed, refined ingredients and avoiding most animal products.

holiday lust: sha wellness clinic | beautifully green life |

Aside from this salad being visually appealing I bet it tastes amazing!

During your stay the SHA Resort offers individualized diets and recipes based upon needs and wants. What I love about this place is they make an effort to not only feed you in a nutritionally beneficial way, but also teach you how to cook and incorporate healthy recipes into your life so you can continue your wellness journey even after you leave. Sustainability in all ways!

holiday lust: sha wellness clinic | beautifully green life | At the SHA Wellness Clinic are three different programs each with a long list of options depending on what your needs are. The first program is called the General Programs which is designed to give you an overall health experience based upon a two to seven day stay at the resort. The Specific Programs offers everything from detox treatments to anti-tobacco to weight loss and beyond. The Aesthetic Programs focus on outward beauty with different body area rejuvenations and sculpting. Whatever your flavor there is no shortage of programs and treatments to choose from.

holiday lust: sha wellness clinic | beautifully green life | And if you really want to follow along the clinic publishes an online magazine appropriately called SHA MAGAZINE with a ton of health tips, beautiful photos, recipes and wellness tips. I can’t wait to dig in to this website and learn new tips and tricks. Most importantly though I am going to head off to bed tonight dreaming of the day I step on property and can live in complete bliss for 7 full days. Who’s coming with me?

Xx – Lynne

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