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Eco-Friendly Lawn & Garden Care

My husband and I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside which is why it’s a non-negotiable to have an organic pesticide-free lawn. We simply would not feel comfortable playing in the yard with our dog or spending an afternoon grilling out if our lawn and garden were full of nasty, toxic chemicals. I have put together my favorite products for lawn and garden maintenance that are pesticide-free, organic and eco-friendly. If we all quit using toxins that destroy the Earth, our own personal health and that of our loved ones (pets included) we would live in a much less polluted world. It’s the small tweaks over time that make a difference and it’s easy for even the brownest thumbed person to adopt.

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Bee-Friendly Flowers – Bees are an integral part of our eco-system and as the world declines in their habitat the inventory of bees has shrunken to frighteningly lows. We simply cannot live in this world without the bee. These tiny little insects pollinate flowers, vegetables, fruits and seeds and keep our food system growing and thriving. I have made it my own little backyard mission to plant bee friendly plants so they have a lovely and abundant habitat to live in even if it’s only on my little square of property.

Eco-Smart Organic Insect Killer Toxic chemicals (think Round-up) scare me on a massive level and while I thought I was once being hyper irrational, all my research has proven that I have every right to be scared. That’s where Eco-Smart came into play and I have been uber impressed with its ability to cut down on fleas and ticks but also on the dreaded mosquito. I know those little blood-suckers have a purpose in our ecological system but for the life of me I can’t figure out what? At any rate, they are persona non grata at the Murphy household. Eco-Smart uses plant oils to repel over 100 different kinds of insects and is safe for children and pets alike.

Corn Gluten Meal – Finally, a fertilizer that is safe and non-toxic to use on plants. The use of corn gluten on plants was actually discovered by accident, a happy accident which I think are the best kinds. With 9% Nitrogen corn gluten has been shown to aid in the germination of plants.

Happy Frog Lawn Fertilizer – Any product that describes itself as bare foot bliss I’m into. Happy Frog Fertilizer enriches lawns with active soil microbes. It’s like your lawns own little probiotic. It’s completely pet and child safe and contains zero harsh chemicals. Standing in thick green grass is a true luxury, believe me I know, I grew up in the desert.

Willow & Grass Birdfeeder – I thought this was so beautiful when I saw it and I had to include it in this round-up because every lawn and garden needs pretty birds. This birdfeeder is hand-made and from natural grass and willow and is a must in any garden.

Harvest Bin – One of these days I’m going to find myself staying at an organic farm and never leaving which is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this lovely garden hod. This particular basket is made in Maine (where my husband is from) and can be used to not only carry your veggie loot but also wash it as well. Is it a harvest basket or a collander – oh it’s both and it’s super awesome!

Wildflower Mix – Do wildflowers need an explanation? I think not. Everyone needs more wildflowers in their life.

Compost Bin – What better way to recycle the contents of your kitchen than by composting food scraps and creating incredibly nutritious soil to use in your own garden? This compost bin is made from non-toxic earthenware ceramic and has a charcoal filter and is dishwasher safe. Plus it’s pretty.

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