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Sustainable Stories of Indigo

Anyone that’s been in my home as of late can’t help but notice the gluttonous stack of unread magazines sitting on the coffee table. They come in the mail or I see them in the market and the pile grows large and larger waiting to one day be read. Well, a couple of weekends ago I finally got around to tackling the stack of magazines and I was reminded why I don’t just need social media as my only information outlet. Whilst reading a Martha Stewart magazine from July (ehem) I came across the most amazing article on an artist couple’s mission to bring the historic and sustainable practice of indigo-dyeing to America.

Chinami and Rowland Ricketts are the artists behind Ricketts Indigo a company that specializes in art and textiles using traditional ways to naturally make dye. With their Indiana farm Chinami and Rowland grow indigo and produce dye that is completely free of petroleum and chemicals that pollute the earth.  From the March seedlings to the two harvests during the summer to the drying and composting process the vibrant indigo dye takes nearly one year to fully realize. (Note to self – work on patience). Both Chinami and Rowland work with the textiles to create stunning products and, while vastly different in finish, have a harmonious balance of sustainable, environmentally friendly synergy.

Rowland’s designs –

sustainable stories of indigo | beautifully green life | beautifullygreenlife.comThese table runners – gah! What organ do I need to sell to obtain one of these?

sustainable stories of indigo | beautifully green life | beautifullygreenlife.comIf you live in a loft and need a gorgeous way to separate rooms these Noren Partitions are gorgeous!

Chinami’s Designs –

sustainable stories of indigo | beautifully green life | beautifullygreenlife.com

I love how complex this textile looks. I can actually see the varying degrees of indigo and the intricate weaving work. Stunning.

sustainable stories of indigo | beautifully green life | beautifullygreenlife.com

if I get could get this pattern in a long sleeve shirt for Fall I don’t think I’d ever take it off. I’m a sucker lately for cross check.

Everything they make is just so well done from the growing process to the crafting of the art or textiles. You can truly see their passion in their work and that is something I know I strive to convey each and every day. Brilliant!

To learn more about their growing process and designs visit their website Ricketts Indigo. I assure you it’s worth the read and visual lust that will inevitably ensue.

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