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Eco-Friendly Lawn & Garden Care

My husband and I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside which is why it’s a non-negotiable to have an organic pesticide-free lawn. We simply would not feel comfortable playing in the yard with our dog or spending an afternoon grilling out if our lawn and garden were full of nasty, toxic chemicals. I have put together my favorite products for lawn and garden maintenance that are pesticide-free, organic and eco-friendly. If we all quit using toxins that destroy the Earth, our own personal health and that of our loved ones (pets included) we would live in a much less polluted world. It’s the small tweaks over time that make a difference and it’s easy for even the brownest thumbed person to adopt. Bee-Friendly Flowers – Bees are an integral part of our eco-system and as the world declines in their habitat the inventory of bees has shrunken to frighteningly lows. We simply cannot live in this world without the bee. These tiny little insects pollinate flowers, vegetables, fruits and seeds and keep our …

Secret Organic Garden

To say I have gardening on the brain is a bit of an understatement. I think the entire country is over winter and can’t wait for spring and just when you think it’s here – blammo – snow! To keep my mind occupied as I suit up in my heavy wool coat for the 9,000 day I’ve been thinking about the organic garden I’m going to plant. I tried my hand last summer with growing herbs in boxes and I was very pleased with the outcome.     This year it’s about to get real in my backyard. The more plant based I eat, the more responsible I want to be with my food source, thus my deep desire to plant an organic garden in the sanctuary of my own backyard. Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking up gardening tips for my future spinach and kale haven. Here are some tips I found:                                   …

T.G.I.Green: Spring Has Sprung

I don’t know about you but I am OVER winter! This has been one of the most brutal winters I’ve endured in a while and whilst I don’t live on the east coast I do live in the midwest where temperatures have dipped well below zero degrees way too many times. Now that the weather outside is actually bearable it’s getting me in quite the mood to do some spring cleaning, home improvements and outdoor gardening. With my brain finally thawed out the inspirational juices are a flowing and this ol’ girl needs herself a plan… Benjamin Moore Paint // Water Can // Forage On Bag // Sun Hat // Chair And, while we’re on the subject of home improvement, my lovely sister-in-law Heather did the unthinkable and gifted me with a Vitamix for my birthday! The husband is officially off the hook and Heather wins the best sister-in-law award for about the next decade. Thank you so much lady!!