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Christmas Gifts For The Babes & Pups

13 days people! I’m so excited I can barely stand myself. I’ve watched Christmas Vacation three times, the George C Scott version of a Christmas Carol, Love Actually, It’s A Wonderful Life and half of Scrooged. It’s like Christmas Palooza in my brain and my husband is debating having me committed. I know I don’t have any babies to speak of currently but that doesn’t mean I didn’t obsess over choosing the perfect items for the babies in your life. That adventure tee, I die. And, for those who have their pup’s in lieu of babies I’ve carefully chosen the cutest gifts for them. shoes // snow suit // adventure tee // leopard cloak // baby doll // stuffed animal // race car // hat booties mittens collar & leash // dog bowls // bow tie // raincoat // iFetch & balls // dog butter // bed

Christmas Gifts For Him

Yesterday we looked at eco-friendly, good for us and good for the planet Christmas Gifts for the ladies (here) and today it’s only fair to feature Christmas gift ideas for the mens. I absolutely love shopping for my husband and this year’s list of potential finds is no exception. pocket squares // gingham shirt // shawl sweater // wallet // bkr bottle // yuli oil // shoes

Christmas Gifts for Her

I love Christmas! I know it sounds uber cheesy but I really do love spending time with my family, eating yummy food and drinking bottles (yes that’s bottle with an s) of good wine. I’m so excited for the Holidays and as you can see from my Christmas Gifts For Her outlined below it’s going to be a festive Christmas! Wine Tote // Spike Earrings // Hermosa Wrap // Kjaer Weis Trio // Power Necklace // Nail Polish Wheel //    // Rahua Beauty Set

T.G.I.Green: Valentine’s Day Love

Sorry about the radio silence this week I’ve been down for the count with a wicked cold. In my medicated state this week I had a lot of time to think about my Friday post…so here it goes… Whether you’re a lover or a hater of V-Day I have put together two completely different evening options – A little bit sexy or a little bit comfy – take your pick.     Lip // Lingerie – Bra – Panty // Body Oil Lip // Loungewear – Cardie – Pant // Throw